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Quote from Dick in This Little Dick Went to Market

Dick: Well, we're not down yet. If one rumor can send our stock tumbling, then another one can bring it back up again. Follow my lead. [sits down at a table next to Judith & Strudwick] Now, Tom, keep this close to your chest, but I heard a rumor about Eversoll, Inc.
Tommy: Eversoll, Inc.? Isn't that a small company that manufactures toasters?
Dick: That's right.
Tommy: Toasters. Wow-wee! That is cutting-edge technology.
Dick: Yeah, that's right, but here's the big news. Rumor has it that the average Chinese person is eating more toast than ever. It's the hip new food. Rice is out, and toast is in.
Tommy: Toast, eh? So that means that the Chinese will be buying toasters up the ying-yang.
Dick: And that means that we'll be buying Eversoll up the ying-yang.
Tommy: Eversoll! [both chuckle]

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