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Quote from Dick in The Fifth Solomon

Don: I'm here on official police business. I was going over your accident report, and I noticed you didn't fill out your insurance info.
Dick: Oh, that's because I don't have any insurance.
Don: But, Dick, that's just plain crazy! You have to have insurance.
Dick: Why? It's just a bet against myself. The only way I can win my money back is by getting horribly injured.
Don: You know, Dick, you have a good point. I don't even know why I'm here. Oh, wait, I know why I'm here because it's the law!
Dick: No, it's not.
Don: Yes, it is.
Dick: No, it's not.
Don: Yes, it is.
Dick: Well, I subscribe to nature's law. The industrious beaver doesn't insure his dam, does he? No! He rolls the dice and if a flood should strike, he smiles his toothed grin, slaps his tail upon the water, and flies away!
Don: I'm just gonna put down State Farm.

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