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Quote from Dick in D3: Judgement Day

Jennifer Ravelli: What were you doing to me, orchids?! I gave you a list of my allergies, and what was on the top of page 6, column 2? Orchids!
Dick: Okay, Jennifer, before you go any further, there's something I must say: I am breaking up with you.
Jennifer Ravelli: You're breaking up with me? You're breaking up with me?! I ended this hideous travesty of a relationship yesterday!
Mary: Yesterday? She- She broke up with you yesterday?
Dick: Oh, that's right. You broke up with me. That's how it happened. [makes a "crazy" gesture] Teetering.
Mary: You're incredible!
Jennifer Ravelli: You are so lucky that I'm allergic to any blood other than my own, because if I weren't, I would cut you open from stem to stern and dance in the red, red river of your death.
Dick: Help me, Mary, help me.
Mary: Oh, get out!
Jennifer Ravelli: A plague! A plague on you, Dick Solomon!

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