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Quote from Dick in Dick and the Other Guy

[As Dick gets ready to swing his golf club, Dr. Neesam blows an air horn. When Dick turns around, Dr. Neesam hides the horn behind his back.]
Dr. Liam Neesam: What?
Dick: What was that?
Dr. Liam Neesam: What?
Dick: That noise.
Dr. Liam Neesam: What noise? I don't recall a noise. Maybe a bird a small rodent. Perhaps you have a brain tumor.
[As Dick lines up his shot, Dr. Neesam puts the small air horn away and removes a larger one from his bag. He sounds it just as Dick gets ready to swing.]
Dick: What was that?
Dr. Liam Neesam: Oh, this? Um, it's an experiment. I wanted to see how you'd react. I am a biologist, you know.
Dick: Are you going to do it again?
Dr. Liam Neesam: Probably not.
[Dick has a dejected look on his face as he once again gets ready for his shot. Dick gasps as he swings his golf club back in the air and waits, only to swing the club down and chunk a piece of ground as he feebly hits the ball]
Dr. Liam Neesam: Bad luck. Better luck on the next hole. [air horn sounds]

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