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Quote from Sally in Jailhouse Dick

Sally: You call yourself a canine? You make me sick! Wipe that smirk off your face! From now on, when I say bark, you say "How loud, sir?" Or rather bark it as if to say, "How loud, sir?" Do you understand me, private tickbait? At ease, soldier.
Mary: Wow. I think you really got through to him.
Sally: Well, you know, you just got to show 'em who's boss. You lead, they follow. [barking]
Mary: Oh, it's that damn squirrel again. [barking]
Sally: Down, Pepper!
Mary: Wow! You know, Albright, it's just a matter of really- [barking] [glass breaking] [barking]
Sally: So, uh, what do you say we just give him away?
Mary: Sounds good.

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