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Quote from Dick in A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 2

Dick: No. No, this is not how it ends. This has been a long and difficult journey, and it will not end this way. There will be no tepid farewells for us. I need you, Mary. Your eyes, your face, your every nook and cranny. Especially your cranny. You are Mary world, and I love Mary world. It's the happiest place on earth. Oh, come on, Mary! Let's take a spin on those teacups!
Mary: I don't want to go!
Dick: I don't want to go either!
Mary: Where are you going?
Dick: Uh, nowhere. Maybe I am losing my mind, but while there's a little left, I want to marry you.
Mary: Marry me?
Dick: Sure, I'll marry you. We'll be so happy.
Mary: This is so great!
Dick: I know!

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