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Quote from Dick in Guilty as Dick

Dick: Go on, doctor. Give it to me straight.
Doctor: The ankle looks great.
Dick: Are you sure?
Doctor: Yes, you're all better.
Dick: [sobs] Don't you think you should break it and set it again just to make sure it heals properly?
Doctor: No.
Dick: Doctor, you don't understand. The moment I sprained that foot, my life went from VCR to VCR plus! You've got to help me!
Doctor: Dick, the ankle is healed.
Dick: I won't be treated this way by your heartless HMO! I demand control of my treatment options! Because it's not the length of our time here that matters, it's the quality of our lives! And if you're not qualified to break my foot, then by God, I'll find a doctor who will!

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