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Quote from Dick in The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part One

Mary: Aw, I can't believe I'm- If I told my mother I was dating an alien, it would kill her. Dick, let's call her.
Dick: No! No, no, no, no! Mary, no! It's a secret.
Mary: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just so excited. I have so many questions.
Dick: Well, go ahead.
Mary: Did you build the pyramids?
Dick: Only the one in Las Vegas.
Mary: What about Easter Island?
Dick: Easter Island was a practical joke that got out of hand.
Mary: [laughs] I can't believe my boyfriend's an alien! Dick, on your planet, how do you do it?
Dick: Well, it's... It's similar to Earth. Typically, you launch a protoplasm capsule into your partner's receptor port, and then wait for a an impact summary.
Mary: Take me, spaceman!

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