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3rd Rock from the Sun: A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1

225. A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1

Aired May 18, 1997

After Mary receives a grant to study in Borneo for the year, Dick considers proposing to her to change her mind. When Dick experiences his first nightmare, he begins to doubt his sanity.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Oh, no. No, no, no, it can't be. It's 1994!
Tommy: Dick, they're just old magazines.
Dick: Oh. For a hundred bucks an hour, you'd think he could renew a subscription.


Quote from Don

Sally: So, Don you want to buy a doughnut for the gal who just made you detective?
Don: I'm not in the mood for doughnuts.
Sally: No doughnuts, Don?
Don: No.
Sally: What's wrong?
Don: A man isn't a man if he doesn't have respect. Borskey should have been mine, Sally.
Sally: It was just a fluke, Don. I mean, if you had run out of toilet paper, you could have caught him.
Don: You know what the sick irony is, Sally? I am out of toilet paper.

Quote from Dick

Nina: Here you go.
Dick: Yes! My X-ray glasses! Look out, women of Rutherford. From now on, Dick Solomon no longer has to use his imagination. [puts on glasses and looks at Nina] Nina, you're supposed to be naked.
Nina: I'm wearing my lead teddy.
Dick: Damn!

Quote from Judith

Judith: When they found him, he was completely devoured by woodland creatures.

Quote from Judith

Mary: I got it! They accepted my application. I'm going to Borneo!
Dick: What's so great about Borneo?
Mary: Oh, Dick, this is a tremendous opportunity. A chance to really study, to immerse myself in a primitive culture.
Judith: Congratulations, Mary. I myself could never live in the wild.
Mary: I've got to rub this in Dr. Erdman's face. Let's go to the faculty lounge and just let it slip out accidentally.
Judith: Bring the letter. I'll set, you spike.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Oh, Borneo. How wonderful for her. She could use a weekend away.
Nina: Oh, Dr. Solomon, she's going to be going for a year.
Dick: A year? She can't go away for a year. We're in a relationship. We just bought a fondue pot together. We've got plans.
Nina: Uh, it's going to take a lot more than hot cheese to keep her here. You're going to have to make a bigger commitment.
Dick: You mean, like an electric wok?
Nina: I mean like a marriage proposal.
Dick: Oh. You may be on to something. If she was my wife, she'd be so busy cooking and doing chores, she'd have no time for Borneo.

Quote from Sally

Tommy: You can't marry her. You're not even the same species.
Dick: She doesn't know that. As far as she knows, I'm like everybody else.
Sally: And eventually she'd figure out you're not like everybody else, and then she and I would have to go for a little "walk."
Dick: You wouldn't.
Sally: Sure, Dick, of course I wouldn't.

Quote from Mary

Dick: Mary, there's something I have to ask you. I may not be a rich man, I may not be a young man, I may not be a fireman, but I am a man who cares about you very deeply, and I can't bear the thought of you going away for a whole year.
Mary: Well, it's going to be hard for me, too, Dick.
Dick: Then why did you apply for this Borneo trip in the first place?
Mary: Well, I applied before we were...
Dick: Sleeping together?
Mary: No, we were sleeping together. I just wasn't sure if we were serious.
Dick: Have you ever slept with someone you weren't serious about?
Mary: Uh... no. The point is, we are.
Dick: Sleeping together?
Mary: Serious.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Run from the Jell-O! Run from the Jell-o!
Sally: Dick! What's going on?
Dick: [wakes up] Jell-O everywhere! Get off the bed! You'll crush Mary! Mary, I'm coming! I'm going to get you! Mary!
Tommy: Dick, calm down. There's no Mary here. There's no Jell-O. There's only you.
Dick: I-I-I don't know what happened. All I know is, if I had a mommy, I'd want her right now.

Quote from Don

Sally: Don, what happens to people? Are they born bad, or one day do their minds just snap?
Don: If only we knew, Sally. One minute, little Johnny Normal is on his paper route. The next minute, there's a pile of dead bank guards, and Johnny is using grandma as a human shield.
Sally: So it's true, then? I mean, you just go to bed normal, and you wake up a deranged psychopath?
Don: It happens. Here. Take a look at this creep, Sally. Karl Borskey, wanted for grand theft auto in Dayton, Sandusky, and Greater Wapakoneta, and now believed to be here in Rutherford. I nab this dirtbag, I make detective. This guy's mine, all mine.
Sally: But you still like girls, right, Don?
Don: Damn straight, sugar.

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